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Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences

The " Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences” is the official journal of Northwest Institute of Health Sciences Peshawar Pakistan.

  1. Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences is a quarterly, peer reviewed medical journal.
  2. The Journal has diverse Editorial Board / Advisory Board.
  3. 50% percent of the board members are from the outside.  
  4. Journal is bound to publish as per frequency declared in its press declaration form.
  5. Editorial Board headed by a medical/dental person.
  6. Author index shall be published annually and put on website also.
  7. Plagiarism shall be a punishable offence and the author making him liable for disciplinary action. All articles shall be processed through "TURNITIN "software and certificate should be made availability by the editor. Articles with similarity index within more than 19% should not be published.
  8. Any author can published only one article in an issue as 1st author.
  9. Journal shall follow the policy of international Committee of medical Editors (ICMJE).
  10. Reference will follow Vancouver style.
  11. Minimum 8 original articles shall be published in an issue.
  12. Credit for publication of research paper (According to PMDC Guidelines)
    1. Credit may be given equal to 1st three authors who will be nominated by the principal author and will be notified to the Editor before publication. 10/10 (Full credit)
    2. Letter to Editor. No Credit
    3.  Case Report. No Credit
    4. Review Article / Chapter / Text Book No Credit
    5.  Dissertation/Thesis No Credit
    6. Letter of Acceptance No Credit 

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