Anti-Harassment Cell

Harassment Policy

NWSM recognizes its ethical, social and legal responsibility to provide a learning, working and living environment that is free of all forms of harassment including but not limited to harassment on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, color, marital status, disability, nationality and sexual orientation. All students, faculty and support staff are to be treated with respect and dignity.


  1. Every student, faculty, staff and management representative at NWSM has the right to learn and work in an environment free from all kinds of harassment
  2. Every student, faculty, staff and management representative at NWSM has the responsibility to refrain from all kinds of harassment at the school’s premises and beyond.
  3. Any student, faculty, staff and management representative found harassing other student, faculty, staff and management representative will be held liable for their conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action (including expulsion, termination) depending on the gravity of situation.
  4. Any student, faculty, staff and management representative have the responsibility to file a complaint against the harasser.
  5. Filing false or malicious complaints (knowingly) is also a form of harassment and will be considered as violation of this policy and dealt with the same procedures as would be followed for a complaint of harassment.
  1. Action by the affected individuals: Any student, faculty, staff or management representative who believe they have been harassed violating this policy must take action to:
    1. Inform the offenders verbally or in writing that their behavior or action is unwelcome and must be stopped immediately
    2. Report the harasser to the Head of Department/Unit if 1.1 fails
    3. Report to the Harassment Committee if the harasser is the Head of Department/Unit
  2. Harassment Committee of NWSM: All the harassment complaints involving students, faculty, staff and management representatives will be handled by the school’s Harassment Committee if 1 fails:
    1. Complaint will be lodged with the Harassment Committee
    2. Harassment Committee will record the complaint with a code
    3. Harassment Committee will record statement of the accused and/or witness if any.
    4. The committee will decide whether the complaint had any substance or not.
    5. In case the committee did not find any substance in the complaint, the complaint will be filed, and the complainant will be informed
    6. If the committee finds the complaint to be genuine, it will proceed as per the procedure laid down in the law of harassment
    7. The committee will give final decision along with fixing responsibility and will recommend punitive action.
  3. Report and Recommendation:
    1. The report of the committee will be submitted to the Principal NWSM who will implement the decision after approval by the Chairman.
    2. All proceedings of the committee will remain confidential unless specifically directed by the Chairman AHL.
  4. Special Circumstances:
    1. In case the harassment is from the top managers the complainant will straight away go to Harassment Committee along with his/her legal representative.