Hiring Policy

Policy for Recruitment


To develop and maintain efficient and standardized recruitment process.

Policy Statements:


  1. Educational qualification, experience and merit only would be the all-important criteria for selection.
  2. All vacant positions will be filled against the AHL Human Resource budget for the year.
  3. Each Department will ensure that the candidates must not have any illness or deformity that can inhibit work or cause undo expense to the Institute.
  4. All candidates for the supervisory and for above positions will be selected through panel interview which will consist of followings;
  • Concerned divisional/DepartmentHead or his/her nominee.
  • HR representative
  • Members nominated by COO- AHL 
  1. Appointment letters of all NWIHS employees will be signed by COO- AHL.

Policy for Resignation



To ensure that the hospital as well as the employee receive adequate notice and that all financial matters are resolved amicably and finally when an employee resigns.

Policy Statements:

  1. When an employee resigns voluntarily, HR Department shall conduct an exit interview at the time of clearance and shall inquire about the reasons for leaving of the employee and fill up a mandatory exit interview form. Feedback shall be properly recorded to note areas in which the Hospital needs to make improvements and any other impression the employee may have about the Hospital. Monthly review of the exit interview will be submitted by HR Department to COO- AHL for future analysis.
  2. Employees and trainees may give 24 hours written notice when resigning during probation or training period. Ideally the verbal notice should not be less than 07 days.
  3. After confirmation of the employee 30 days’ notice is required or compensation in lieu thereof. Management may request the employee to work the 30 days’ notice period or give pay in lieu.
  4. For any 24 hour resignation after confirmation a prior approval from COO- AHL is required for processing of resignation by Department.
  5. During the notice period, employees will not be entitled to any leave benefit except leave without pay.
  6. Employees leaving the Organization due to resignation/termination must complete a “Clearance Certificate” obtaining signatures of all the Departmental heads, before final payment will be issued.


  1. The employee must give a written notice of resignation to his/her Departmental head. If the employee is on probation, a 24 hour notice period is required; after confirmation, a 30 day notice period is required.
  1. The Departmental head will forward the employees’ resignation letter to the HR Department as soon as received.
  1. If the employee is on probation (i.e. the employee has given a 24 hours’ notice), the HR Department will immediately issue a “Clearance Certificate” on the employee’s last working day.
  1. The employee must complete the “Clearance Certificate”, have it signed by all the Departmental heads indicated on the certificate and submit upon completion the singed form to the HR department before leaving the institute on his/her last working day.
  1. The HR Department will prepare the final dues letter within 7 days of receiving the “Clearance Certificate”. The Department will forward one copy of the letter to the employee, one copy to employee’s personal file, and one copy to the Finance Department.
  1. Employees leaving service without any information shall be treated as Absent without leave depending on the advice of the HOD. They will be liable to deduction of one month salary in lieu of notice in case they turn up for terminal settlement subsequently.

Policy for Termination


To terminate the services of employee who are not required or are not suitable for employment.


Policy Statement:

  1. An employee’s service may be terminated during and after probationary period if the work performance does not meet the Institute standards.
  2. An employee services may be terminated during probation period without reason and on 24 hours’ notice basis.
  3. For any 24 hours termination after confirmation of services a prior approval is required from the COO- AHL to enable the HR Department to process the termination papers.
  4. No employee’s services will be terminated without going through the process.
  5. Employees leaving the organization due to termination or resignation must complete a “Clearance Certificate” obtaining all signatures as mentioned on the form before a final payment will be issued.


  1. Employees absconding from service without any information shall be liable to immediate termination (As per termination policy) after 3 days of unauthorized absence and shall stand to lose all their terminal benefits. In case such employees turn up for clearance later on, they will be liable to surrender one month’s pay in lieu of notice period.



  1. Except in serious cases, that warrant immediate termination, the employees supervisor must try all reasonable disciplinary actions before proceeding to the final option of termination (e.g. verbal counseling, Written counseling, written misconduct forms, etc.). Immediate suspension from the work site for acts of gross misconduct / physical assault etc. is mandatory. The Supervisor/Manager must keep a record of all these actions and must forward all notices to the HR Department for immediate action and for file keeping.


  1. When termination is the only course of action, the employees’ Departmental head will submit a letter suggesting the employees’ termination to COO- AHL through HRD. The letter must include the reasons for termination and must describe all previous actions that were taken which then had led to the decision of the employees’ termination.


  1. The COO- AHL will review the recommendation, sign for approval and return it to the HR Department.


  1. The HR department will issue an “Explanation” and wait forreply from the employee except in case of immediate suspension/Dismissal for acts of gross indiscipline/misconduct (e.g. physical assault etc.)If the explanation is not satisfactory or acceptable to the HoD then the HR Department will proceed with the termination and will issue a termination letter to the employee before issuance of the “Clearance Certificate”. The HR Department will wait for the receiving of the completed “Clearance Certificate” signed by all appropriate department heads before proceeding with the termination process.


  1. Upon receipt of the “ClearanceCertificate” a clearance letter will be made. The letter will include an account of all final dues. The HR Department will send a copy to the employee, one copy to employees’ personal file and a copy for filing and a copy to the Finance Department for preparation of final dues.


  1. The employee’s final dues will be settled within 7 working days after the receipt of the Clearance Certificate.


  1. The HR department must ensure that the clearance certificate must be completed and submitted on the last working day of the employee. List of employees whose clearance is not received by the Finance will be sent to COO- AHL and Finance Department at the end of each month.

Steps for Procedure:

  1. Suggestion of Termination
  2. Approval
  3. Explanation
  4. Termination Letter
  5. Clearance Letter
  6. Clearance for Dues