Scholarship Policy


To provide opportunities to talented as well as financially deprived students and empower them to acquire quality education as per the standards and values to which AHL is committed.

Key Points

  • According to scholarship policy guidelines from HERA, Northwest will offer need based scholarships to 10% of its total enrolled students every semester.
  • 4 scholarships will be awarded in every semester (10% out of total allotted seats i.e. 40) in each Program offered at NWIHS.
  • In addition, as per merit scholarship policy of KMU, first position holders in KMU semester examination will be awarded merit scholarships


Merit Based Scholarship

  • Position holders will be awarded a tuition fee waiver of 25% each
  • Scholarship will be given only for one semester in which position is secured
  • It will be based on GPA.
  • In case two or more students have same GPA, scholarship will be awarded to the one obtaining highest marks.


Need Based Scholarship

  • 1 out of 10 students enrolled in each discipline will be awarded need based scholarship.
  • The eligibility of a candidate will be linked to his/her financial needs as assessed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee.
  • ISAC will be comprised of all heads of departments and institutional finance manager and will be headed by COO.
  • Head of Department will present cases of shortlisted candidates to ISAC. ISAC will make final selections. The financial background of the family of the applicant will be kept in view in this regard.
  • Funding for slots will continue for the complete duration of the program. In case any students drop out, they will be replaced by other candidates on the waiting list.
  • If student is demoted, he/she will not be awarded scholarship for the semester in which he/she is reappearing.
  • After due process of application and selection, a deed of agreement will be signed by the student, his/her guardian and two witnesses on a stamp paper. Agreement will rest with the department for record and copy will be sent to finance department. (Copies of both application form and deed of agreement are attached)