Welcome to the Research Office of Northwest Institute of Health Sciences Review Board (IRB)

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee that performs an ethical review of the proposed research to help assure the protection of the rights and welfare of human participants. The IRB approves the initiation of and conducts periodic reviews of research involving human participants. Investigators also share the responsibility for protecting human participants.

Northwest Institute of Health Sciences Review Board (IRB) Office is committed to ensuring the rights and safety of human research participants are satisfactorily protected in all research activities. All human participant research conducted under institution auspices is satisfactorily reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).


Members of IRB

  1. Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman PhD(Head IRB)
  2. Dr. M. Ilyas PhD (Member) MLT
  3. Dr. Zain Ul abin(Member) DPT
  4. Dr. Uzair Ahmad (Member) DPT
  5. Ms. Amna(Member) Radiology
  6. Mr. Sadam Hussain (Member) Anesthesia
  7. Mr. Naeem Ullah (Member) MLT


Responsibilities of Board Members

Chairman and Head of IRB

  • Providing leadership and direction to the IRB
  • Conducting monthly IRB meetings
  • Selecting new IRB members
  • Go through minor deviations and/or other measures that qualify for review by advanced procedures
  • Assisting with investigations
  • Reviewing and signing correspondence related to IRB determinations
  • Ensuringconflict of interest
  • Conducting a review of IRB minutes
  • Ensuring compliance with ethical consideration of the research activities
  • Responsibility for annual evaluation of the IRB


Members of IRB

  • Members are selected to assist as a substitute for a regular IRB member
  • The IRB roster indicates which regular member for which the alternate can substitute. The IRB minutes will document when an alternate member substitutes for a regular member.
  • A nominated substitute IRB member may substitute for the regular IRB member fora full-time meeting or at any time during a meeting.