IRB Members Responsibilities

Departmental Research Members Responsibilities

Research members are selected from each department. Each member oversees and is responsible for the research activities in the concerned department. All the members are strictly associated to protect the right and safety of human subjects who participate in a clinical research project and terminate any research that is not being conducted following regulations or research that caused unexpected serious harm to subjects.


Department of Medical Lab Technologies

Dr. M. Ilyas PhD

  • Provide academic guidance and practical support from the beginning of the project to the submission of the thesis.
  • Guiding students in selecting research topics in the area of specialty and ensuring its feasibility.
  • Provide guidance regarding the ethical consideration for human subjects
  • Provide supervision, guidance, instruction and encouragement in the research activities of students.
  • Responsible for fostering the intellectual and scholarly development of students.
  • Supervise through the whole research process to ensure timely accomplishments of their thesis and defense.
  • Assist students in suitable journal selection, article drafting and publication.
  • Research planning for the students of the upcoming batch


Department of Radiology

Ms. Amna

  • Final year student guidance with research topic by supervising them
  • Guiding students to select a research topic in the area of specialty and ensure its feasibility
  • Ensuring the research-oriented approach of the student and guiding the student with methodology and concept of research proposal
  • Supervise through the whole research process to ensure timely accomplishments of their thesis and defense.
  • Additionally, guidance, supervision and supporting specialty-related knowledge and research.
  • After graduation guiding and supporting students in their research publications.


Department of Doctor of Physical therapy

Dr. Zain Ul Abidin

Dr. Uzair Ahmad

  • To check if research has a valid scientific rationale
  • Provide guidance for proposals writingmethodologies and style of the research proposals
  • Establishing the link between IRB management and the supervisory team
  • Finalizing research proposals before going to IRB Committee
  • To check feasibility, support services, and other resources needed to conduct the study. There is a study population available to allow for sufficient recruitment
  • Conducting initial and continuing review of research
  • Reporting its findings and actions to the investigator and the institution
  • Ensuring that changes in approved research are not initiated without prior IRB review and approval.
  • Check proposal questionnaire/protocol/ proper scales for the proposed research projects


Department of Anesthesia

Mr. Sadam Hussain

  • Assist the students with the selection and planning of a suitable and manageable research topic
  • Checking feasibility of proposed research plan
  • Working with other members of the board to provide individual as well as collective evaluation that the proposed research is ethically acceptable
  • Checking researchers’ potential biases

Evaluating compliance with regulations designed by the institution as well as regulatory authorities to protect human subjects