Fire Safety Training at NWIHS

Northwest Institute of Health Sciences is committed to ensuring and safeguarding public health by promoting environmental harmony and minimizing the hazards of coincidences. The team of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHS&E) department of NWGH organized a training session on fire fighting followed by a mock exercise. Students and faculty participated in the event.
The team including Mr. Kamran Munir, OHS&E officer and Ms. Manail, OHS&E officer NWGH highlighted the session’s objectives. The activity’s three basic aims – life safety, property protection, and protection of working operations – underscore the importance of prioritizing human lives above all else during a fire emergency. It’s crucial to have clear protocols in place to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.
The students performed a mock exercise on how they would utilize the fire extinguisher during a fire emergency. Several students practically learnt the procedure of using an extinguisher.

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