Inventory Department

What our department is doing in the hospital

MMD Main Store as the name suggests is the main point of contact for material/ stock availability to all the projects of Alliance Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. which includes office stationary, linen, general items, surgical items etc. except Pharmacy medicines.

Main Store is responsible to maintain stock of the following items and keep track of its consumption through our internal software.

  1. Surgical Disposables
  2. Linen
  3. Office Stationary
  4. Printing Stationary

Other than the stock items we act as a bridge between the end-user and Procurement department to facilitate all departments for provision of non-stock items (chairs, computers etc.).

How are we doing it

The whole process of receiving and distribution is carried out and monitored through our internal hospital software for record keeping and smooth functioning.

Who are the people performing the duties (how many people in the department)

We have 7 people working here to facilitate the end-users throughout the day; which includes a Helper, two Store Keepers, a Pharmacist, two Store Officers and the Manager.

How our department is making a difference in the hospital

We fulfill daily requirements of different departments/ end-users while keeping a close check on our inventory levels and stock quantities to maintain continuous and smooth flow of supplies to them.

We keep balance between supply and demand on daily bases to help the hospital function smoothly.