Welcome to Northwest Institute College of Laboratory Sciences Peshawar, a project of the Alliance Health Care Limited (AHL). We are contented to offer 4-year degree program in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) to get in lined with advanced diagnostic approaches. Medical Laboratory Technology is a profession, where skilled personals formally known as Lab Technologist cum Lab scientist work abreast with the doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff and backing them in investigating maladies that combines the challenges and rewards of medicine with laboratory science. 

The purpose of BS MLT program is to equip the graduate with knowledge, skills, Problem Solving/critical thinker power, Professionalism,Communication ability with patients and most importantly a communityhealthpromoter. At the end of the BS MLT program, Bachelor of Science in medical laboratory technology graduates will be able to apply knowledge and technical skills associated with medical laboratory technology for delivering quality clinical investigations support. Perform routine clinical laboratory procedures within acceptable quality control parameters in hematology, biochemistry, immunohistochemistry, Histopathology and microbiology. Demonstrate technical skills, social behavior and professional awareness for functioning effectively as a laboratory technologist. Apply problem solving techniques in identification and correction of pre analytical, post analytical & analytical variables.