Promoting Research Excellence: Successful Research Proposal Defense Session for Medical Lab Technology Students at NWIHS

Northwest Institute of Health Sciences is dedicated to uphold research-based learning and education in order to produce a handy lot for the future healthcare system. A series of “Research Proposal Defense Sessions” have been initiated for undergraduate students of various technologies.
Today on July 6, 2023, the “Research Proposal Defense Session” for 8th-semester Medical Lab Technology students was held in the institute’s auditorium. There were seven groups of MLT undergraduate students who presented and defended their research proposal.
The session was chaired by Dr. Shafiq Wazir, Ph.D. (Head of IRB). At the same time, Dr. Kamran, Bio- Statistician, Dr. Mohammad Ilyas, Clinical Instructor MLT, Dr. Uzair Ahmad, Assistant Professor DPT, DR. Zain Ul Abidin, Assistant Professor DPT, Mr. Naeem-Ullah, Lecturer-MLT, Mr. Saddam Hussain Lecture, Anesthesia, and Ms. Amna lecturer Radiology participated as key members of the board.
The very aim of the activity was to improve the research quality and to centralize the research happenings at NWIHS. The board thoroughly reviewed the research work of the students with mutual consensus leading to the approval, changes, or rejections were performed.
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