Research Advisory Committee

Research Advisory Committee

  1. This committee functions in accordance with the approved TORs.
  2. Membership: This committee comprises of faculty members from different departments of college as well as hospital to represent the diverse environment of Northwest School of Medicine to help shape the future of research at NWSM. The committee is chaired by Vice Principal Research
  3. Purpose: The RAC will advise the institutional management and administration on research opportunities, priorities and challenges faced by faculty and students and guide initiatives to introduce and sustain research culture to further the mission of the organization.
  4. Research Plan: The RAC will help and support the Research Cell of NWSM in devising and executing a comprehensive plan for research activities across the organization.
  5. Quorum: half the number of members plus one for decision making will be required
  6. Decisions: by voting of majority
  7. Research Policy: This committee will be responsible to oversee the Research Policy of the institution
  8. Research Grants and Awards: RAC will function in close collaboration with the Research Grants Committee to monitor and ensure equity and merit-based research grants and awards according to the institutional Budgeting Policy.
  9. Research Metrics: The committee will create metrics;
    • To evaluate the quality and success of research output within AHL (e.g. faculty and students’ publications in indexed and impact factor journals, citations of their articles, etc.)
    • To use the results of metrics to make recommendations on behalf of faculty and students for both financial and non-financial support.
  10. Communication: The RAC will build and enhance meaningful communications between all the collaborating units involved in research processes at AHL.
  1. The responsibility of this research committee is to advance medical research through a systematic and scientific way that addresses the need of the day.
  2. The research committee facilitates the standardization of research process at the Northwest School of Medicine/AHL and guides the personnel through the requirements and procedures of this process.
    • To develop a medical research culture at Northwest School of Medicine/AHL.
    • To develop undergraduate research curriculum as an integral part of modular integrated MBBS curriculum.
    • To strengthen and advance the college mission and growth through research activities.
    • To support faculty members and students in becoming global research leaders
    • To encourage and support faculty and students towards excellence in research at all levels with meaningful engagement within the community they serve
    • To develop links for collaboration of research at national and international levels and with other institutions in areas of mutual interest and importance
  3. Reporting Structure: The committee chair reports to the Principal NWSM
  4. Meetings:
    • The committee meets monthly or as and when required
    • Minutes are recorded and disseminated to all members, the Principal NWSM and filed in the inventories at Principal Secretariat and DMER, and in the registry at Research Cell



Dr. Arshad Hussain               


Dr. Imran Mohib                                 


Dr. Almas Khattak (Secretary)            

Community Medicine

Dr. Fazilat Jamala                              

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Waqar Ali                         

Community Medicine

Dr. Amin Jan                          


Dr. Tariq Masood                               


Dr. Tariq Burki