Policy Statement

The Clinical Faculty Shadowing Program at NWSM is designed to allow medical students to explore specialty options early in their medical education through supervised clinical shadowing experiences in a variety of practice areas. NWSM recognizes that clinical faculty shadowing is a valuable experience that provides medical students with the opportunity to establish connections with practicing clinical faculty, often resulting in the creation of relationships with potential mentors and referees who may support their applications for clinical training later in their life.


To outline the requirements for medical students and clinical faculty who participate in the Clinical Faculty Shadowing Program.


All undergraduate medical students from 1st to final year at Northwest School of Medicine and all clinical faculty who volunteer to provide clinical exposure to those students who participate in the Clinical Faculty Shadowing Program.


  1. Participating students can spend a maximum of 03 hours per week shadowing.
  2. The shadowing period can be any time mutually agreed upon between the participating clinical faculty and student outside the scheduled learning activity, however, Saturday would be a preferred day.
  3. Participation in shadowing is purely voluntary and both the clinical faculty and student can withdraw at any time.
  1. Shadowing outside NWSM teaching hospitals is not allowed

1. Student Participants must:

1.1. Attend Clinical Faculty Shadowing Orientation Session 

1.2. Register for the Clinical Faculty Shadowing Program with DMER by completing the Shadowing Specialty Selection Form (Download / Available at DMER)

1.3. Complete the Shadowing Attendance Form (Download)


2. Clinical Faculty Participants must:

2.1. Complete Clinical Faculty Participation Form (Download)

2.2. Introduce the student as a shadowing learner under their supervision and obtain consents from patients when required


3. Program Timeline

3.1. Shadowing experiences can be achieved throughout the academic year depending on the available time at the students as well as the participating faculty’s availability.


4. Responsibilities

4.1. The shadowing students have to make sure that the participating clinical faculty has read and signed the Clinical Faculty Participation Form.

4.2. The signed Clinical Faculty Participation Form and copy of completed Shadowing Attendance Form must be submitted with Shadowing Coordinator (Dr. Almas Khattak NWSM)

*Certificate of completion of Shadowing will be issued only after all the requirements are met