International Workshop on “Modern Cupping


North West Institute of Health Sciences arranged one day International Workshop on “Modern Cupping for Nonspecific Mechanical Low Back Pain (NSLBP) in collaboration with Prime Physio, an award-winning leading therapy center based in United Kingdom.
Dr. Danish Ali Khan, Director NWIHS welcomed the participants and spoke at length about the significance of transforming physio therapy practice through education and raise awareness about the different components of the exercise. He underpinned the need to adopt modern and specialized practices in the field of physio therapy and rehabilitation that will enhance recovery and improve the quality of life for patients.
Ms. Rasha Hossine, Doctor of Physical Therapy in Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation, Cairo University and Prime Physio Teaching Team addressed as chief speaker to the participants of the workshop. She underscored the importance of the workshop for professional development of the students and faculty to adopt new technological advancements in physio therapy and rehabilitation into practices.
She demonstrated that how to learn the theory beyond dynamic cupping as a restorative therapy and to understand effects of dynamic cupping on different treatment outcomes according to both research and clinical evidence. Discussion was made on various methods of modern cupping techniques for low back pain and how to learn and engage cupping therapy techniques into movement system.


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