Mr. Naeem Ullah secured Gold Medal in the academic history of University of Haripur


Mr. Naeem Ullah is a lecturer, Clinical instructor as well as researcher. Mr. Naeem Ullah has completed his BS in Medical Lab Sciences from Northwest institute of health sciences college of pathology in October 2018 and got 1st position thought KMU & secured Gold Medal. He was selected as lecturer after graduation on the basis of merit & highest academic achievement in October 2018. He was a brilliant student and had command over the subjects as well as Clinical skills. We believe in the excellence and training of our students and NWIHS has produced gems in academic field. Mr. Naeem Ullah along with teaching in the institute, is also completed M.phil in Medical Lab Sciences from UOH with in astonishing overall 4.0 GPA & secured Gold Medal in the academic history of University of Haripur. After M.phil he enrolled in University of Haripur for PhD in Medical Lab Sciences where he topped his 1st semester exam with 1st position. It is a great achievement for Mr. Naeem Ullah as well as for NWIHS.


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