Nurturing Paths to Success: Student Career Counseling Workshop

A workshop on “Student Career Counseling” was conducted under the theme of Faculty Development Program) FDP) in the auditorium of the institute. The Faculty Development Program (FDP) has been started under the supervision of QEC, headed by Dr. Subhan-ur-Rehman, Principal NWIHS.
Dr. Lailma Maqbool (PT) was the moderator of the workshop and at the same time, faculty and HODs attended the session.
Dr. Lailma Maqbool (PT) enlightened the audience about the very important role of teachers in career counseling urging that it is the responsibility of teachers that he/she provides guidance and the best advice to the students for their future endeavors.
Teachers are role models–identify the opportunities and interests of their students and encourage them to explore new avenues for the future.

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