The Department of Radiology, celebrated the World Radiology Day 2022

The Department of Radiology, celebrated the World Radiology Day 2022 at Main Auditorium of Northwest Institute of Health Sciences. The World Radiology Day is an annual celebration held on the anniversary of the date of discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen, i.e., 8 November 1895.
It is an annual event promoting the role of medical imaging in modern healthcare. It also helps to spread information and spread awareness on the several benefits of medical imaging. Also, this day is celebrated to pay homage the many radiographers and radiologists currently working hard to improve our lives.
At World Radiology Day 2022 there were models’ presentation sessions in which students have presented different models of CT scan, MRI and Mammography. Moreover, students of 8th semester Miss. Asma Sami and Miss. Ayesha Arshad did oral presentations.
Later on, Mr. Rahman Ud Din (PhD) Head of Department and Assistant professor in Radiology did oral presentation on “Extended Role of Imaging Technologists in Health Care Provision” aimed to educate faculty and students about their leading roles in health care setups and institutions.
Mr. Afsar Khan (Chief Operating Officer, NWIHS) presented appreciation shield awards to HOD Radiology and Mr. Waqas Ihsan (Chief organizer of the event). Later on, the HOD Radiology department and Dr. Danish Ali Khan (Director Medical Education) presented Shield to Mr. Afsar Khan as a Chief Guest. Moreover, the event was followed by cake cutting ceremony while the students and participants also received appreciation certificates in the end.


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